The Lembang Asri Resort’s iconic restaurant serves wide range of a la carte menu from Sundanese, Indonesian, Chinese and Continental menus. Cempaka Restaurant has Green Terrace where you can enjoy your meals surrounded by greeneries


Botram IDR 150000

Botram is a term in Sundanese that refers to a feast. Sundanese people usually done this in any place, can be in the garden, beach, or home which is done casually with the aim of binding family, brotherhood and having fun. In Botram people conversation are full of jokes and laughter. There are mandatory menus that should not be missed in botram such as chili paste, lalapan, crackers and salted fish. All menus served on top of banana leaves. No cutleries, only use your hands!

Traditional 'Sop Buntut'
Traditional 'Sop Buntut' IDR 70000

Most favorite a la carte meal in Lembang Asri Resort. Our specialty Sop Buntut or Oxtail Soup. The delicious taste of oxtail combines with deep taste of the broth that full of spices makes most people come back to Lembang Asri Resort only for this. Curious enough? Come and taste it now!

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